Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Alomo Bitters: Alcohol or Medicine?


ALOMO BITTERS: ALCOHOL OR MEDICINE? I had been hearing a lot about this particular brand of bitters but I never really understood why so many love it. I went ahead to interact with several of its users and based on their feedbacks, coupled with a little research/analysis, here I am writing this. According to the Kasapreko company, makers of Alomo ... Read More »

Drug myths 2- Herbal medicines

drug myths 2- herbal medicine

In the last edition of Rxpertcare, we examined the myth about taking drugs with cold water. This edition however, we’ll look at common myths on herbal medicines. MYTH 1: Herbal medicines are natural and therefore safe. FACT: This is a very common assumption and it is not correct. Some herbal medicines are harmful to the liver or kidney. Herbal or ... Read More »